Topical Steroid Dependence – Addiction – Withdrawal

About Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Information on topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), a condition of skin dependence on topical corticosteroids.

ITSAN Red Skin Syndrome Support Group

parent allergic contact dermatitis

A Facebook support group created to offer awareness, education and encouragement for individuals and loved ones affect by topical steroid withdrawal (Red Skin Syndrome).

TSW Quiz

How well do you know Topical Steroid Withdrawal? Put yourself to the test and take this interactive quiz!


Check out these educational videos describing the timeline, dangers, and disease process of topical steroid withdrawal!

Patient Stories

ACD Stories

Thousands suffer from topical steroid dependence, addiction, and withdrawal. Follow Brianna, Melissa, and Cara in their journey with topical steroids.


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